Product Review: Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette ESP-476

Claims of the Product

Refillable eight-color palette is fashion-ready. Warm and cool shades are included in soft pink and coral hues for natural highlighting and contouring.
Expect 200-500 applications.
Net wt: .96 oz./28 gm.

The Palette




From L-R: Soleil Red, Fuchsia, Pink Blush, Dusty Pink, Natural Blush, Coral, Latté, and Contour 1. 

My say on the product

All the shades are matte in texture and quite varied in color.

Soleil Red and Fuchsia are extremely pigmented bright shades. Soleil Red is an intense red, which I only ever use for mattifying lipstick or extreme makeup. Fuchsia is a bright super-pigmented fuchsia which is quite complimentary for very dark skin tones.

Pink Blush is nice for medium wheatish skin tones.

Dusty Pink and Natural Blush only work well on very pale skin tones, but not on darker skin. In fact these two shades are quite chalky and have to be used carefully.

Coral is a beautiful coral shade which is the most versatile blush in this palette and flatters most skin tones, but goes chalky on very dark tones.

Latte is a rusty taupe shade which I only use for darker skin tones mixed with some Coral, because it can look dirty on fair skin tones.

Contour 1 is a neutral brown shade which fits right in between Cork and Mink Stole of the Ben Nye Essential Palette that I’ve reviewed before.

Pros of Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette:

  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Versatile shades of a variety of colour
  • Nice, neat, professional packaging which makes for easy travel. Similar to the Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette

Cons of Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette:

  • Dusty Pink and Natural Blush are quite chalky in texture


All in all – 4/5.

Would I buy again?

No. I would try other better blushes.

Hope you found this review helpful!


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