Product Review: Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette

Claims of the Product

Our Essential Eye Shadow Palette is all you’ll need for every style of makeup including print, bridal and film. This “Go-To” palette is filled with indispensable neutral highlight and contour shades to complement every complexion.
Expect 400-750 applications.
Net wt: .96 oz./28 gm.

The Palette




From L-R: Vanilla, Shell, Cork, Mink Stole, Black-Brown, Smoky Taupe, Graphite, and Black 

My say on the product

I picked up this palette because of its pretty neutral shades.

All the shades are neutral matte shadows.

Vanilla and Shell are subtle white and peachy white respectively. Both can be used for a  neutral wash over the eyelid to set a primer, while acting as a subtle brow bone highlight. These aren’t very opaque but are pigmented enough for my needs.
Cork and Smoky Taupe are great crease transition shades
Mink Stole and Black-Brown are great for filling in brows. Black-Brown is also good for a more natural brown smoky eye.
Graphite is nice for a softer grey smoky eye.
Black is a nice matte black shade, perfect for a jet black smoky eye.

Pros of Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette

  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Doesn’t fade easily
  • Neat set of matte shades
  • Versatile for matte smokey eyes, crease darkening, brow filling and subtle highlighting
  • Nice, neat, and professional packaging which makes for easy travel

Cons of Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette

  • None that I can think of


All in all – 4.5/5.

Would I buy again?

Hope you found this review helpful!


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