Product Review: Ben Nye Lumière Creme Color Palette

Claims of the Product

The twelve most popular shades are conveniently assembled in a refillable “paint box” style palette. Set with Grande Colors or Luxe Powders for spectacular color effects. Includes FB-7 Flat Brush.
Expect 250-1200 applications.
Net Wt. 1.5 oz./43 gm.

The Palette





From L-R: Ice, Sun Yellow, Azalea, Cosmic Blue, Silver, Bronze, Jade, Cherry red, Cosmic Violet, Royal Purple, Tangerine, and Indian Copper

My say on the product

I bought this palette along with the Ben Nye Lumière Grande Palette because it had a wide color range, which I would need for bridal makeup.

All of the shades are shimmery except for Silver (#5) which is merely silver glitter.

Ice : shimmery white
Sun Yellow : yellow; too bright and horrendous to ever use.
Azalea : an almost matte dark pink.
Cosmic Blue : bright shimmery blue
Silver : silver glitter
Bronze : A nice dull shade of bronze-gold
Jade : dark emerald green
Cherry red : Bright red. Side by side with the green, it looked like Christmas in my palette
Cosmic Violet and Royal Purple: Shades of purple
Tangerine : an orangey gold.
Indian Copper : a beautiful copper shade

I actually love the colours of this palette; however, it’s a pity that if you apply enough of the product on the lid, it always creases, no matter whether you use a primer underneath, or if you set it with a powder eye shadow on top (I used the Ben Nye Lumière Grande Palette).

If you use small amounts of the product on the lid and balance it with more powder eyeshadow, then the colors and the entire point of using that color is lost.

I was so disappointed. I really expected better from Ben Nye.

Oh well, it gives me an excuse to buy more makeup 😀

Pros of Ben Nye Lumière Creme Color Palette:

  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Brilliant color range

Cons of Ben Nye Lumière Creme Color Palette:

  • Creases horribly
  • Expensive


All in all – 1/5.

Would I buy again?

Hope you found this review helpful!



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