Product Review: Ben Nye Lumière Grande Color Palette

Claims of the Product

Our best-selling, multi-dimensional Lumière Palette transitions easily from fashion and beauty to body and face painting. Refillable. Includes FB-7 flat brush.
Expect 200-1200 applications.
Net Wt. 1.52 oz./43.2 gm.

The Palette





From L-R: Ice, Aztec Gold, Silveira, Azalea, Cosmic Blue, Sun Yellow, Iced Gold, Tangerine, Chartreuse, Jade, Amethyst and Cosmic Violet.

My say on the product

I bought this palette because it seemed well pigmented and had a wide color range which I would need for bridal makeup. However I was quite disappointed in the colors of the palette which I found almost unusable.

All the shades have shimmer in it, with the exception of a few shades which are almost matte.

Ice and Silver (#1 and #3) are almost similar in color.
Aztec Gold, Sun Yellow, Iced Gold and Tangerine (#2, #6, #7, and #8 respectively) are shades of yellow/gold. I almost never use these because they are rather garish on Indian skin except for Iced Gold which is almost sheer with little gold flecks.
Azalea (#4) is an almost matte dark pink shade that I disliked on sight.
Cosmic Blue (#5) is a bright blue which is underwhelming on the eye and has bad colour payoff.
I also rarely use the greens, Chartreuse and Jade (#9, #10) and the purples, Amethyst and Cosmic Violet (#11, #12).

I prefer more jewel toned blues and greens and violets, and I like dark golds and bronzes like MAC woodwinked.

While someone else might appreciate this palette, this was a bad buy for me. I’m sure this would look very nice on paler skin tones or perhaps very deep skintones but definitely not on tan or dusky Indian skin.

Pros of Ben Nye Lumière Grande Color Palette

  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Doesn’t fade easily

Cons of Ben Nye Lumière Grande Color Palette

  • Bad color payoff – requires a good primer to bring out the colors
  • I dislike the color range
  • Expensive


All in all – 3/5. I rarely use this palette by itself.

Would I buy again?

Hope you found this review helpful!


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