Product Review: Makeup Academy Paint Box Lip Palette

Shade Rose Rouge

Claims of the Product

A multi-shade compact compiled of matte and gloss lipsticks that can be worn alone or mixed for your own personalized shade.

Comes complete with two lip brushes, one for lining & one for filling, perfect precision on every application. Ultimate ease on the go!


Price: £ 4.0
List price in India: Rs. 1050

My say on the product

I bought this palette for Rs. 700 from

I thought I needed a more versatile palette and found this!.

The MUA paintbox is an itty bitty box that fits in the palm of my hand.

The nice little mirror means you can perfect your pout on the go!


It comes with a little liner brush and a lip brush. I can barely hold them, but hey, who can carry their entire brush arsenal outdoors?


Meet the colors



The first without flash and the second is with flash

The Shades

#1 Slightly pinkish red

#2 Reddish burgundy

#3 Peachy pink

#4 Fuchsia

#5 Ruby red

All these go on pretty sheer and can be built up based on the intensity you’re going for.
I’m not big on fuchsia; I’m more into the reds, especially shade #5.

How I apply it (for best effects, rather than just slathering it on):

  • Exfoliate lips
  • Apply lip balm and leave on for a while. Wipe off excess
  • Apply lip primer – this should extend the life of the lipstick; haven’t tried that yet.
  • Apply lip liner – fill it in or else if your lipstick wears off, you’re gonna end up with a ring around your mouth and ain’t nobody wanna see that!
  • Use a clean lip brush to brush on the lipstick
  • Kiss a tissue and then apply another coat
  • If you’ve made any errors, go around the outer edges of your mouth with a bit of concealer.
  • If you’re going for a smooth glossy finish, stop here
  • If you want a matte finish, place a single-ply tissue over your lips, load up a brush with translucent powder, and pat onto your lips (Don’t breathe in and cough up a lung like I did!)

When I used this lip color, skipping steps 3 and 4, the lip color lasted me quite long. After eating lunch, the color clung to my lips like a stain and went a bit down in intensity, but I’m impressed; no lip product has ever stuck to me through lunch like that. You’re a true friend, Rose Rouge.

Pros of MUA Paint Box Lip Palette

  • Budget-friendly
  • Great coverage
  • Decent staying power
  • Handbag friendly

Cons of MUA Paint Box Lip Palette

  • The glossy palette gets scratched really easily
  • Not much color variation
  • Sticky texture
  • Unsavory ingredients like Mineral oil and Polyisobutene


All in all – 3/5
I cut points off for application and ingredients

Would I buy again?

There’s a whole world of lip colors out there and right now I’m leaning towards matte colors, so yeah…

Hope you found this review helpful!

Product Review: Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette

Shade: Sugar and Spice


Claims of the Product

Our ULTRA Blush palette is perfect for the professional application desired by all of us. Perfect for highlighting too.

Professional and highly pigmented, yet easy to blend, these contain 8 shades consisting of shimmer and matte blushers, merged baked blusher, and merged baked highlighter powder. The ULTIMATE blush palette offering you 8 shades in 1 to suit any occasion!

Ingredients: Mica, Talc, Dimethicone, NYLON 12, MAGNESIUM ALUMINUM SILICATE, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, (+/-); CI77891, CI77491,CI77492,CI77499,CI15850,CI15850,CI19140,CI15985, CI77510, CI77742

Price: Rs. 1350


My say on the product

I got this palette at a discount at ₹1060. I liked this palette the best among its sister palettes because it has coral as well as pink shades unlike the Golden Sugar palette (all pinks) and Hot Spice (all coral).

Here’s a picture of the outer box:


Here’s the actual box. Check out the trademark sleek black box with a nice glossy finish.


What’s inside

The palette comes with a handy mirror too, even though I never use it.

No brush is included – which is good; I never use the useless brushes they pack with a product anyway!



The first is with flash and the second is without


How I apply it

  • Prep your face as usual – dry skinned people may want to moisturize well for this
  • Sweep a blusher brush around the color of your choice
  • Dust off the excess
  • Sweep the brush over the apples of your cheeks to your temples
  • Blend in circular motions
  • Add a hint of the same color to the centre of your face (forehead, nose and chin)
  • Build up color in small amounts to achieve desired effect (to avoid Clown Syndrome)
  • Use the shimmer shade (#4) as a highlighter for brow bone, cheekbones, nose and chin.

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette Sugar and Spice:

  • Quantity
  • Pigmented
  • Velvety matte finish
  • There’s a shade for everyone!
  • Shimmer shade can be used as a highlighter
  • Large mirror

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette Sugar and Spice:

  • Contains parabens


All in all – 4/5
Points off for including parabens. Bad, Makeup Revolution, bad!

Would I buy again?

I doubt I’ll run out any time soon😛


Hope you found this review helpful!